By F. Akrabor. Forest Institute of Professional Psychology.

Phyllis: I was skeptical discount exelon 4.5 mg with mastercard, as I am more used to the traditional "talking" therapy exelon 6 mg without a prescription. I was also told to hum something with 5 notes, to count to 5 and to do most tapping 5 times. The first time I went from a 10 to only about an 8, so we repeated the sequence. By the end my anxiety level was about a 2-3 -- much improved. David: And was that something that was temporary in nature or do you feel that this is a permanent improvement? Phyllis: I cannot honestly say, although it did continue all through the day, but with added issues it is going up and down. But I feel stronger about the issues now and really do feel better. Patton talked also about toxins that are produced in the body. For me, we discovered it was laundry detergent in my shirt and also a smell of smoke. David: It also seems, with the tapping and humming, that it was a form of relaxation therapy. Phyllis: The tapping and humming did seem to be a form of relaxation, but I was so busy trying to do it just perfect (my downfall) that it might have been better for me to have just relaxed and gone with it. Italiana: Since Phyllis is, as she states, "99%" cured for 10 years, I am thinking maybe this was easier for her. Phyllis: Italiana, yes, it may have been easier for me. But remember that I had a very high level of stress when I went into this. Patton, is TFT a form of relaxation or meditation therapy? Patton: This works the same for everyone, no matter how long they have suffered. You can click on this link and sign up for the mail list at the top of the page so you can keep up with events like this. Are you saying this "Thought Field Therapy" is a complete solution to certain disorders. However, additional treatment and medication are helpful for those who need it. I, personally, have worked with an individual who has stopped medication for over 15 months and also worked with an individual who has decreased their medication. Patton, for being our guest tonight and for sharing this information with us. And to those in the audience, thank you for coming and participating. We have a very large and active community here at HealthyPlace. You will always find people interacting with various sites. Thank you, too, Phyllis, for being our guest tonight and sharing your experiences with TFT with us. David: Good night everyone and I hope the rest of your week goes well. You are now 28 years old and this book is based on your experiences with anxiety and panic during your college days; starting about 10 years ago. Before I get into those details, how are you doing today? Samantha Schutz: There were no books for teens about anxiety disorder. Natalie: What were the first symptoms of anxiety that you experienced and what was going on in your life at that time? Samantha Schutz: The first panic attack I ever had was after I smoked pot for the first time in high school. It never occurred to me that anything besides the pot was responsible for the anxiety. I was shopping for school supplies with my dad and all of a sudden I felt really strange. It was like everything was moving too fast and too slow at once.

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Veralyn: I am on Paxil and I was on Prozac a few years ago discount exelon 1.5 mg amex. Watkins: They are both selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors effective exelon 1.5 mg. They have the effect of increasing the availability of serotonin between nerve synapses. Prozac tends to be more stimulating and lasts longer. Paxil is likely to be more sedating and wears off quicker. When you stop Prozac, it stays in your system for weeks or more and gradually goes out. That is why you may need to taper Paxil but not Prozac. A few people get sleepy on Prozac and are more alert on Paxil but they are in the minority. Watkins, for being our guest tonight and for sharing this information with us. We will see you tomorrow night to talk about "Bipolar and Depression Medications". And to those in the audience, thank you for coming and participating. We have very large Anxiety and OCD communities here at HealthyPlace. You can read the Anxiety and OCD transcripts on our site. This may produce a great deal of anxiety for many patients. I am just now getting the hang of applying the 4 steps to my own daily life. There are many books out there on the subject but this book is the BEST one. I found it to be remarkably true and easy to relate to. Check your results and then get detailed information about diagnosis and treatment of OCD. If you answered YES to 2 or more questions, please continue with Part B. The following questions refer to the repeated thoughts, images, urges, or behaviors identified in Part A. Consider your experience during the past 30 days when selecting an answer. On average, how much time is occupied by these thoughts or behaviors each day? How much do they cause you to avoid doing anything, going any place, or being with anyone? How much do they interfere with school, work or your social or family life? Remember, a high score on this questionnaire does not necessarily mean you have OCD--only an evaluation by an experienced clinician can make this determination. Human infants vary in their sensitivity to light or noise, their level of physical activity, their adaptability to schedules, and similar traits. Even such traits as shyness or novelty-seeking may be at least in part determined by the biology of the brain and the genes one inherits. Character is defined as the set of attitudes and behavior patterns that the individual acquires or learns over time. It includes such personal qualities as work and study habits, moral convictions, neatness or cleanliness, and consideration of others. Since children must learn to adapt to their specific families, they may develop personality disorders in the course of struggling to survive psychologically in disturbed or stressful families. For example, nervous or high-strung parents might be unhappy with a baby who is very active and try to restrain him or her at every opportunity. The child might then develop an avoidant personality disorder as the outcome of coping with constant frustration and parental disapproval. As another example, child abuse is believed to play a role in shaping borderline personality disorder. Some patients with personality disorders come from families that appear to be stable and healthy. It has been suggested that these patients are biologically hypersensitive to normal family stress levels. Cases of so-called mass sociogenic illness have been identified, in which a group of children began to vomit or have other physical symptoms brought on in response to an imaginary threat. In two such cases, the children were reacting to the suggestion that toxic fumes were spreading through their school.

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